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Thank You!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you guys have given me with WP Elevation. Without the blueprint, I wouldn't have landed the projects that made this trip possible. That's 100% true. All the best from Berlin!

Simon Kelly - Renegade Empire
The 6 Week WP Elevation Blueprint Course delivers professional business advice for WordPress Consultants.
Module #1: INCOMING
In this module you'll discover how to make sure all your new clients are connected to you in some way or come via a referral. This positions you as a specialist.

Module Includes:
  • Email Templates
  • Website Worksheet Enquiry Forms (PLUS Gravity Forms Files)
  • Pre-Written Reminder Sequence
  • Client Scorecard
In this module you'll discover how to position yourself as a premium business consultant so you can start getting paid premium consulting fees.

You'll learn exactly what to say and when to say it.

Module Includes:
  • Meeting Checklists
  • Meeting Agenda Documents
  • Pre-Written Email Response Templates
  • Content Creation Blueprint
Module #3: PROPOSALS
In this module you'll discover how to write world-class proposals for web design, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, eCommerce and how to do it fast.

Module Includes:
  • 9 Different Proposal Templates courtesy of our good friends at Bidsketch (Including Web Design, SEO, Content Marketing, Monthly Retainers, eCommerce, Email Marketing)
  • Email Sequence For Submitting Proposal
  • Script for Asking the Client to Commit (Without being "Salesy")
In this module you'll discover how to continue to educate and nurture your prospects whilst positioning yourself as the "go-to" person for the job without being needy or desperate for the job.

Neediness is the one thing that will surely kill the integrity of any business relationship. We'll show you how to stay top of mind without being needy.

Module Includes:
  • Pre-Written Email Sequences
  • Pre-Written Emails for Closing the Deal
  • Our Recommended Tools
Module #5: DELIVERY
In this module you'll learn how to on-board your clients, manage their expectations right from the start and over-deliver on your promises so you can "Wow" your clients every time.

Module Includes:
  • Complete Pre-Written On-boarding Sequence
  • Workbook Templates for Content and Discovery Workshops
  • Detailed Development Workflow
  • Pre-Launch Checklist and Status Update Meeting Agenda
In this module you'll discover how to generate systematic referrals into your business from your existing clients and partners by becoming the most helpful person in your network.

Referrals are easy when you know how.

Module Includes:
  • Post-Launch Email Sequences
  • Complete Networking Luncheon Blueprint
  • Refer-it-Forward System
  • Complete Referral Event Blueprint
Module ZERO: Pre-Flight Check
In this module we'll help you get your business and your website in order so you are ready to take your business to the next level. This is all about laying strong foundations for the future - and it's super easy and fun.

This module is already in the member's only area waiting for you.

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My Investment Paid Off.

After months of trying coaches and mentors, I joined WP Elevation, followed the Blueprint and landed my biggest project ever. I can't recommend this program enough.

Jeni Elliott - The Blog Maven
Take a Sneak Peek at What's Inside.
Lifetime Access to the WP Elevation Blueprint Course.
You'll get lifetime access to the full WP Elevation Blueprint Course when you enrol today, PLUS all bonus courses we unlock for you over the next 6 weeks including Pricing, Managing Money, Content CreationHiring a VA, Recurring Revenue and more (over 12 bonus courses in total).
Access to Ongoing Training Webinars and Coaching Calls.
You'll also get a weekly coaching call for the first 6 weeks of the course to get your questions answered - then one monthly training webinar and one monthly coaching call to keep you inspired, motivated and accountable.

Think of it as your regular meeting with your virtual advisory board.
Course Progress and Downloadable Resources.
We'll track your progress through the course to make sure you understand and implement everything in the Blueprint.

You'll also be able to download all the templates and resources you need - we hold nothing back.
Access to the Complete Archive of Webinars and Coaching Calls.
You'll also get access to the complete archive of all webinars and coaching calls including guest appearances from Chris Lema, Brennan Dunn, Kim Doyal, Oren Klaff, Jason Swenk, David Jenyns, Kimberly Lipari and many more

over 58 in total and adding new ones every month.
Access to the Private WP Elevation Member's Community.
You'll also get access to our members' only forum and BuddyPress social network where you can connect with your fellow WordPress Consultants from all over the world and help each other implement the Blueprint.

You'll never feel isolated again.
Access to the Private Facebook Group.
For those who love Facebook, you'll also get access to the private Facebook Group where you can keep the conversation going and get help from us and all of your fellow members with any aspect of your business.

This group is worth the price of admission alone and will fast become your go-to resource on a daily basis.
Now is a Great Time to be a WordPress Consultant. 
WordPress powers almost 25% of the internet and Matt Mullenweg recently stated he is aiming for 50% adoption across the web. That's half of the internet! Awesome.
Automattic recently bought WooCommerce and WooThemes which opens up endless opportunities for those of us who know WordPress. Awesome.
Bloomberg Businessweek recently published a report which found 80% of small business fail in the first 12 months. Not. So. Awesome.
Fear Not: We Are Here To Make Sure You Succeed.
Enrollments Close In:

This Has Given Us Sanity.

WP Elevation has given us sanity. The website worksheet and proposal systems have allowed us to work with better clients on more interesting projects. I categorically recommend WP Elevation.

Timothy Jacobs - Iron Bound Designs
If I Can Do This, You Can Too.
I started in my bedroom 8 years ago building websites for around $1,200.

With a bit of planning and deliberate tweaking, I got to $25K websites in 2 years.

Now I am part of a team of 6 and I get invited to speak at conferences to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs build their empires through processes and people.

I have spoken for IBM, Digital Marketer and of course at several WordCamps around the world.
Paint by Numbers, Step by Step, Start from Scratch.
The WP Elevation Blueprint Course is designed so you can follow along step-by-step and implement all the parts of the Blueprint in your business.

Plus the weekly coaching calls will help you get your questions answered and keep you accountable.

If you're just starting out, or if you've been doing this for a few years, this course will give you the best practices you need to help you take your WordPress Consulting business to the next level.
Enrollments Close In:
You're In Great Company.
Over 630 students from all over the world have been through our training and put it through its paces.

We've been listening and improving everything we teach for the last two years.

This brand new course is world-class and ready for you and your business.
"Provide value to your clients in exchange for revenue and optimise your business processes so you can deliver that value at a profit."
Troy Dean - WP Elevation
Built for WordPress Consultants by WordPress Consultants.
Simon Kelly from Renegade Empire on holiday in Berlin in September 2015.
One of our WP Elevation members, Simon Kelly from Renegade Empire, spent the best part of a month in our office in Melbourne with us helping us rebuild the entire WP Elevation Blueprint Course from the ground up based on his experience of implementing it in his business.

Our process:
  • shared a Google doc to map out all the key teaching points and relevant templates and group them into modules
  • wrote copius amount of comments and asked tough questions to make sure we weren't kidding ourselves or each other
  • fleshed out all the details for each teaching point and used the final Google doc as the script for all the videos and the entire course
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I Love This Community.

WP Elevation is an amazing community of like-minded people all working together to hep each other succeed in the true open-source spirit that is found in the WordPress community.

Kristina Romero - KRMD
Get Your Certificate and Badges.
At the end of each lesson, there is a short quiz to help you really understand the concepts you'll be learning.

The quizzes are very simple and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Once you complete each week's quizzes, you'll receive a badge to acknowledge you've completed that module.

There are six badges in total to unlock.
Once you complete the 6 week WP Elevation Blueprint Course and pass all the quizzes you'll be awarded your Certificate of Completion and you'll be a certified WP Elevation WordPress Consultant.

Print it out, frame it and hang it in your office.

How awesome is that?

NB: Don't worry, we'll actually print your real name on it.
Once you've completed the course, we'll also unlock this badge for you so you can display it on your site to tell the world you are a proud WP Elevation trained, professional WordPress Consultant.

You'll be the envy of all your colleagues at the next WordCamp.
A Very Active Community.
One of our live events in Melbourne with over 40 WordPress Consultants.
Possibly the most valuable part of WP Elevation is the community. Working as a solo entrepreneur or in a small team can be very isolating and you never really know if you're making the right decisions or if there is some big secret that everyone else has discovered except you.

Well the secret's out. WP Elevation unites WordPress Consultants from all over the world and gives you access to hundreds of like-minded, ambitious, creative people to help you on your journey.

Think of WP Elevation as your virtual board of advisors.
Enrollments Close In:

Exactly What You Need When You Need It.

We had tried several other coaching programs, but nothing compares to the attention to detail and the templates that are just ready to implement straight away.

Nait Gallego - Link'd Media
Over $2K worth of bonuses.
Over $1,200 Worth of Bonus Mini-Courses.
Every week we'll unlock bonus mini-courses to help you with pricing, positioning, proposals, hiring staff, project management, creating content, lead capture and more.

Just our way of rewarding you for getting through the course.
Developer License of the Video User Manuals Plugin
You'll also get a developer license of the awesome Video User Manuals plugin you can install on all your client sites to teach them how to use WordPress.

This developer license will stay active as long as you are an active member of WP Elevation.

Valued at $288 per year.
WP Elevation Melbourne Masterclass Recordings.
Once you've completed the WP Elevation Blueprint Course we'll also add the recordings of the full day live Melbourne Masterclass we ran for over 40 WordPress Consultants.

It was epic. And Elliott Condon from Advanced Custom Fields even popped in.

Valued at $197.
Recurring Revenue Roadmap Recordings
We'll also give you access to the recordings of the full day Recurring Revenue Roadmap live workshop featuring guest speakers Dan Norris (WP Curve), Nathan Chan (Foundr), Ed Dale (The Challenge), David Jenyns (Melbourne SEO) and Gary Tramer (LeadChat).

Valued at $497.
Here's Everything You Get:
  • Full access to the 6 Week WP Elevation Blueprint Course to help you take your WordPress Consulting business to the next level (plus over 12 bonus mini-courses)
  • Weekly coaching call to help you implement everything you learn
  • Access to the entire archive of webinars and coaching calls (over 58 and counting)
  • Access to the private members' only community and forums
  • Access to the private WP Elevation Facebook Group
  • Your WP Elevation certificate and badge once you complete the course
  • Over $1200 of bonus training webinars
  • Video User Manuals developer license for the life of your membership valued at $288/yr
  • Recordings of the WP Elevation Melbourne Masterclass valued at $197
  • Recordings of the Recurring Revenue Roadmap Workshop valued at $497
I'm so confident you will love this course that I am personally offering a full 30-day 100% money back guarantee.
Transform Your Business With The WP Elevation Blueprint.

Attract Better Clients

Learn how to get better clients with better projects and better budgets so you can stop wasting time with prospects who are "price shopping".

Become "Premium"

Learn how to position yourself as a "premium" consultant so you can stop negotiating on price and avoid clients who micro-manage you.

Write Killer Proposals

Learn how to write proposals efficiently that actually get read and approved so you can spend less time writing them and more time working on projects.

Profit from the Follow Up

Learn how to keep in touch with prospects and clients strategically without seeming needy so you can continue to profit from great relationships.

Deliver Amazing Projects

Learn how to deliver amazing projects on time and within budget consistently so you can "Wow" your clients and avoid scope creep.

Get Constant Referrals

Learn how to get your happy clients to continue to refer their colleagues and friends so you don't have to worry about where your next job is coming from.
Enrollments Close In:
You Still Got Questions?
What if I'm not a good designer or coder?
Great question. Most of our existing members consider themselves consultants rather than designers or developers. In fact, I believe the most valuable seat to occupy in the entire WordPress ecosystem is that between the client and the creative/technical team. You need to know what is possible with WordPress (which is almost anything) but you don't necessarily need to know how to do it.
How do I know this works?
You don't. However I can tell you that changing nothing will mean that nothing changes. Find the members who are featured in the testimonials on this page, reach out to them and ask them about their experience with WP Elevation. This is no magic bullet and will require you to get out of your comfort zone and do the work. If you don't want to challenge yourself to build the best business you possibly can then this might not be right for you.
What happens when I enroll?
Once you enroll you will receive login details to the members' website along with your download link and serial number for the Video User Manuals plugin. It could take up to 30 minutes for this information to reach your inbox. Crazy, I know, but that's the interwebs for you. Then you will be able to login and access the materials and join the community forums and Facebook group.
How do you actually spell enrol(l)?
I'm glad you asked. In the US it is spelled enroll. In the UK and Australia it is spelt enrol. Oh yeah, we also have a habit of saying "spelt" in Australia instead of "spelled" too :)
What happens after the 6 week course?
The WP Elevation Blueprint Course is a six week course. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate and a badge to display on your website. You will have lifetime access to the course materials and you'll still have access to the members website, monthly webinars and coaching calls and private Facebook group for a full six months from the day you join. At the end of six months you have an option to continue in the program for $97/month. We would like to think that our community and ongoing support and training far outweighs this investment, however it is entirely your choice.
Is the Video User Manuals plugin free for life?
No. The Video User Manuals plugin is included with your WP Elevation membership. If you cancel your membership you'll have an option to continue subscribing to the Video User Manuals plugin at a special members price. We update over 55 videos every time WordPress gets updated and we're a privately owned, self-funded small company so we cannot continue to do that for free.
Which payment options do you accept?
We accept Visa or Mastercard. If you wish to pay by Paypal, Amex or Discover you can use our old school Infusionsoft forms. Here is the $497 checkout form and here is the 3 x $197 Monthly Payment Plan checkout form.
Why is this page sooooooo long?
This page has been lovingly designed to answer any possible questions you may have before you enroll in the course. We only want students who know exactly what they're signing up for and who are committed to their own success. That's why this page is soooooooo long :)
Enrollments Close In:
Jeni's Investment Paid Off.
Timothy's Investment Paid Off.
Kristina's Investment Paid Off.
Nait's Investment Paid Off.
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